R&D Assets

R&D CAMEE uses the following hardware and software assets for its work with clients and partners.OMAX Laser Waterjet

Altendorf WA80 Panel Processing Saw
Brandt Optimat KDN520 Edge Laminator

Butfering Optimat SGO211 Programmable Wide Belt Abrasive Sander
CR Onsrud 96C18C 4 Axis CNC Router with Becker Vacuum pumps
CR Onsrud F122S15 5 Axis CNC Router with Dekker V MAX Technology Vacuum Pump
HAAS VF1 3-Axis CNC Precision Mill
HAAS ST10 2-Axis CNC Precision Lathe
OMAX 60120 5-Axis CNC Water-Jet Machining Center
Black Brothers Pneumatic Panel Press
Z Corporation Model 450 3D Printer
Kreon Baces Digitizing Arm Tactical Probing and Laser Scanner
Epilog Legend 36 EXT Laser Engraver

Software (integrated CAD/CAM software)
NX 8.5
NX 9
TopSolid Integrated CAD/CAM v.6.13

CAM Software
NX Cam Express 8.5
NX Cam Express 9
MasterCam v.X7 Pro

Altendorf Panel Saw

Reverse Engineering & Quality Control Software
Geomagic Qualify Studio 2012
Geomagic Qualify 2012

Stand Alone CAD
Solid Edge

Data Management Software (Manufacturing)


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