Southern Virginia Regional Transportation Project

 Next Meeting Date: September 2016

Project Background

sovacme transportation mapThe Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) and its education and industry partners observed that lack of transportation is a chief barrier to education and employment in the Southern Virginia region. Citizens are faced with limited options for travel within and across the region, which includes the counties of Amelia, Brunswick, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Greensville, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottaway, Pittsylvania, and Prince Edward, with major activity centers in South Boston, Danville and Keysville. Existing transit operations are geographically limited, on-demand, and/or serve limited segments of the population.

In response, SVHEC leadership approached the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transport to request assistance with a feasibility study to determine the need and potential for a regional fixed route public transit system in Southern Virginia that would connect existing local transportation systems and bridge the gap to mobility across the region. With matching support from the Southern Virginia Educational Foundation, the SVHEC and the VDRPT launched the feasibility study in January 2016. The project engaged the KFH Group, headquartered in Bethesda, MD to conduct the feasibility study and prepare a comprehensive report of the findings.

Project Goals and Objectives
Goals of the feasibility study are to:
1) Determine how to connect citizens with resources including employment, healthcare and regional education and training centers located in South Boston, Danville, and Keysville.
2) Identify the region’s mobility needs; and
3) Connect this proposed system with already established rural public transit operations in the region.

Project Team Memberssova transporation projteam web

Dr. Betty Adams. SVHEC                  Project Director

Patty Nelson, SVHEC                        Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Susan Wilborn, SVHEC                     Asst to the Exec/Proj. Director

Nick Britton, VDRPT                          Statewide Manager of Transit Planning

Joel Eisenfeld, KFH Group                Senior Transportation Planner

Elizabeth “Lib” Rood                          Senior Transportation Planner

Latisha Johnson, KFH Group            Transportation Analyst

Patrice Traken, VRDPT                     Grants Manager

Catherine Stevens, SVHEC              IES/Grants Management


For more information about the Southern Virginia Transportation Feasibility Study, please contact Dr. Betty Adams at 434-572-5551 or via email at

Feasibility Study Documents

Feasibility Study Timeline

  • Jan. 2015: SVHEC applies to VRDPT for funding to conduct the feasibility study
  • Sept. 2015: SVHEF agrees to provide the required “locality” matching funds
  • Nov. 2015: VDRPT approves the project and signs MOU with SVHEF
  • Dec. 2015: VDRPT selects the KFH Group to conduct the study
  • Jan. 2016: “Kick Off” meeting is held to launch the project with all partners in attendance
  • Apr.2016: KFH begins the survey of community college partners’ students and staff
  • May 2016: Initial “Stakeholder Group” meeting to be held, initial survey findings presented
  • Oct. 2016: Study to be concluded and report issued

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