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SVHEC's Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Link to Resources
SVHEC is now open to students enrolled in a class and individuals with an appointment.
Email info@svhec.org or TEXT 434-272-8742 for assistance. 
Community College Students: Please click here for an important notice.

image of a nursing student taking vital signs on a pediatric manikin.   

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Supporting the delivery of a seamless continuum of nursing education for all levels 

The Center of Nursing Excellence (CNE) concept was presented in 2007 by Chris Lumsden, former CEO of Halifax Regional Health Systems, as a regional nursing education center for Southern Virginia. Less than one year from conceptualization, this $1.3 million, 4,175 sq.ft facility was renovated, equipped, and opened for student use. Housed within the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, VA AHEC Countiesthe CNE includes a high-tech simulation lab equipped with medical equipment, supplies, and multiple high-fidelity manikins such as Sim Man Essential and Noelle. Noelle is an advanced, realistic manikin that can give birth to our baby manikin Sim New B. Other areas of the CNE include: a debriefing area equipped with video and audio playback of conducted simulations, a state-of-the-art classroom that comfortably seats 18 students, and a five-bed skills lab replicating a hospital setting. 

Nursing programs in rural, southern Virginia are challenged by needing to provide students with clinical experiences within a region with limited clinical sites. Through advanced simulation technology, the CNE offers students the ability to acquire hands-on experiences and critical thinking skills in a safe environment.

In 2015, the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center was selected to host the Southside Virginia Area Health Education Center (AHEC). Southside Virginia AHEC serves a large region comprised of 15 counties and  cities, and strives to enhance the quality of all healthcare. CNE manager Ferren Pannell also serves as the director of the Southside Virginia AHEC. Learn more


Services Offered through the Center of 
Nursing Excellence
Services Offered through the
Southside Virginia AHEC
  • Clinical simulation hours for nursing students
  • Customized training for nurses
  • Mentoring
  • Resume building
  • Career planning for nurses
  • Interactive tours of CNE learning spaces
  • Community outreach
  • Continued education training
  • Assistance with local job placement
  • Resume building
  • Participation in health/career/college fairs
  • Hosting continuing education training
  • Raising awareness of public health issues
  • Healthcare career resource
  • Interactive tours of the SVHEC and CNE

To learn more or schedule a visit:
Call 434-572-5568 or email cne@svhec.org