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K.ChrystieThe Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) is proud to announce Kevin Chrystie, CAD/CAM/CNC Practitioner, has been selected to present at the Siemens PLM Connection 2015: Americas User Conference in May. Chrystie’s presentation will highlight several collaborative projects, including a signature trophy for Virginia International Raceway, the SVHEC’s R&D Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Energy Efficiency (R&D CAMEE) has completed using Siemens NX™ CAD/CAM software. NX™ is a leading integrated solution for computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering.

Chrystie stated, “NX™ is a very powerful CAD/CAM program.  It allows for a lot of flexibility in design, and a seamless transition to manufacturing parts on our CNC Routers and Mills.  I enjoy using the software and helping other learn how to use it as well.  It is an honor to be selected as a presenter at the NX User conference.”

The annual, national conference brings together users of Siemens PLM Software to share best practices around product lifecycle management, networking opportunities and product training. Only the “best of the best” NX™ users are selected to present. Out of 300 submissions, Chrystie’s submitted abstract was only one of 100 selected for the User Experience presentations.

“NX™ is a high level software and this conference is an environment of top tier users. To be selected from among this group is a difficult task and speaks very well of Kevin and his adoption of this software,” said SVHEC director of research & development David Kenealy.  

In 2013, Siemens donated $94M in software to R&D CAMEE and designated the SVHEC as a GO-PLM training center. R&D CAMEE has since wholly adopted NX™ as their CAD software of record and had success in producing several noteworthy projects including the signature Virginia International Raceway (VIR) Trophy and the Virginia Tech Motorsports Formula SAE plug project.
“Taking on new software is hard to do. You have to have the personnel with the ability, passion, and dedication to engage and use it to its highest potential and we have that with Kevin Chrystie,” Kenealy stated.

Chrystie used NX™ to create the CAD design for the VIR trophy complete with a topographical replica of the racetrack. The software was also key in allowing R&D CAMEE to work with the Virginia Tech Motorsports program to create the plug, or model, for the VT Motorsports spring 2015 racecar. The plug project was especially challenging because it required machining many small, precise holes at very specific angles to the curved surface of the plug.  

“The VT Motorsports students put a lot of work into the design and models for this year’s Formula SAE car.  Working with them, and watching their excitement as the plugs were machined from blocks to a finished plug was very rewarding,” Chrystie stated.

Beyond being proud that a member of his staff has been selected to present at a national conference, Kenealy says Chrystie’s selection to the Siemens PLM Connection 2015: Americas User Conference holds significance for the SVHEC and the strategic direction its taking with the SoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence initiative. “It’s all about technology adoption and becoming practitioners,” Kenealy stated. “Attracting industry won’t happen without that taking place. Kevin’s selection to this conference is tangible evidence that as an organization the SVHEC has taken seriously the responsibility of adopting new technologies and becoming serious users of it. Now industry is coming back acknowledging our ability and saying we’re doing great work.”