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Custom PC Trainer for IT Academy Trainees

A custom training tool is now available to IT students and trainees in the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center’s (SVHEC) IT Academy and Southside Virginia Community College’s Center for Information Technology Excellence (CITE).

Engineered and built by the SVHEC’s R&D Center, the “Exploded PC” trainer exposes the internal components of a personal computer (PC) so trainees can see how each component works in driving the machine. As trainees replace parts or unplug components, they’re able to see the immediate effects of their actions, giving them a better understanding of how a PC operates.

Having a strong understanding of the parts and functions of a PC is a fundamental skill for technicians, and is heavily tested on the CompTIA A+ certification exam. Currently there is nothing like this trainer on the market, giving IT Academy and CITE trainees a unique hands-on learning experience.

The “Exploded PC” is a collaborative effort between SVCC who funded the project, SVHEC’s R&D Center who engineered the trainer and produced the custom parts, and the SVHEC’s IT Academy staff who tested the prototype and provided guidance on how to enhance its usability. The partners plan on continuing to refine the trainer, and eventually produce a smaller version that can be taken on the road to college and career fairs.

For more information about the SVHEC’s IT Academy or R&D Center visit or call 434-572-5446.